Atheist Logic Fail


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The Origins of the word “God”.


The earliest written form of the Germanic word God (always, in this usage, capitalized[17]) comes from the 6th-century Christian Codex Argenteus. The English word itself is derived from the Proto-Germanic * ǥuđan. The reconstructed Proto-Indo-European form* ǵhu-tó-m was likely based on the root * ǵhau(ə)-, which meant either “to call” or “to invoke”.[18]


lamentations of an atheist

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(poem) Lamentations of an Atheist

lamentations of an atheist

They came for the Christian and Yazdi girls and I didn’t say anything because Richard Dawkins told me to mock and ridicule Christians. They came for Israel and the Jews, and I felt nothing because the Conspiracy Theorists claimed that the Jews secretly ran the world. They came for the Police and the Military and I didn’t care because everybody knows they are racist pigs anyway. Then they came for me, they took my mobile device out of my hand and turned off my social media held a gun to my head and they said, “Do you accept that their is no God but God and Allah is hi prophet? and I said to myself, how did things get this far? Why didn’t anybody say anything? Aren’t there Authorities to prevent this kind of thing from happening?



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