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Moral Equivalence Falsified, Reduction ad Absurdum


Professor Picklesmooch was determined to succeed in a world that had gone mad with Political Correctness, Liberal Progressiveness, and Moral Insanity.   Picklesmooch was quite the social climber.  He was right in the middle of things parroting all of the successful people, regurgitating all the correct shibboleths,  holding all the correct positions, sneering at all the right people to be sneered at and gracing all of the worthy buttocks with his lips.  He needed to carve out his niche in a contrarian world that wanted to believe that everything good was bad and everything bad was good and evil was justifiable if someone bad did it but good was not good if a good person did it.  Once he had mastered this conundrum he came up with a plan that couldn’t fail.

Finally, the day came to make his move.  “I am an expert on the cannibals of Papua New Guinea.”

“Ew, Gross!”  People said, “That’s nasty!”

“I couldn’t disagree more, you are all being silly and close minded, you can’t judge others by our standards, try to be a modern scientific fellow like myself.”  Professor Picklesmoosh responded strategically.  “Who are we to make these moral judgments, what is morality?  Where does it come from?  Some imaginary flying spaghetti monster or some book full of myths?  It is just another culture’s way of doing things, neither way is good or bad and neither is better.”

Many of the young millennials were impressed with his extreme liberal bias and his eagerness to accept the values of cultures from 3rd world countries.  He had lots of young people buy his books and take his classes.  He became famous and wealthy.

“Time to take things to the next level.”  he thought to himself.  One day he got invited on Jimmy Kimmel’s horribly unfunny television show and he was asked, “Have you ever eaten human meat?”  to which Professor Picklesmooch responded, “Oh, yes, it is quite tasty if prepared correctly, it tastes like Pulled Pork, the natives call it Long Pig.”

The nation went wild, he was a sensation.  Many of his students became obsessed with the idea of embracing the experience of tasting human flesh, they felt it would bring them closer to experiencing their primitive roots, and being more accepted by native cultures.  “Who wants to volunteer to be eaten?”  they asked amongst themselves.  Nobody wanted to be eaten, so they decided since none of them had tasted human flesh the only fair thing to do would be to cook and eat the person who already had experienced that delicacy, that person being Professor Picklesmooch himself.

So they cooked him with some teriyaki sauce.  They called the recipe “Professor Picklesmooch Pulled Pork with Papaya and Pineapple”  and he was delicious.  I am sure that the good Professor would have been quite proud of his students, and everybody agreed, he was indeed delicious.


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Anthropomorphization in Taoist and Shinto literature.

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In Taoist and Shinto literature they use an interesting literary device for communicating certain types of data.  They anthropomorphize animals, objects, and entities.  The animal or entity will essentially stay in character and communicate data that is consistent with it’s behavior.  These stories are written in an old style known as the “hieros logos” which is a sacred conversation usually between two people.  In the Vaigyan Bhairav Tantra this sacred conversation takes place between Shiva and Shakti.  Jallaladin Rumi had this sacred conversation with Shams.  In this sacred conversation deep spiritual, psychological, and philosophical truths are communicated to the reader.  In the story of the Scorpion and the Frog the psychology of the psychopath is communicated.  I refer to the information being communicated as sapiential data. 

It is a huge source of frustration for me that the arrogant, snide, snarky atheists attempt to prevent the artistic and poetic communication of…

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Was Stalin an atheist? Is atheism or communism responsible for mass murders?

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Disclaimer: small-government libertarian atheists, you are exempt from this post’s criticism.

Let’s take a look at what Josef Stalin did during his rule of Russia in the 1920s and 1930s.

The Library of Congress offers this in their “Soviet Archives exhibit”:

The Soviet Union was the first state to have as an ideological objective the elimination of religion. Toward that end, the Communist regime confiscated church property, ridiculed religion, harassed believers, and propagated atheism in the schools. Actions toward particular religions, however, were determined by State interests, and most organized religions were never outlawed.

The main target of the anti-religious campaign in the 1920s and 1930s was the Russian Orthodox Church, which had the largest number of faithful. Nearly all of its clergy, and many of its believers, were shot or sent to labor camps. Theological schools were closed, and church publications were prohibited. By 1939 only about 500 of…

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