Atheist Logic Fail


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Innate Morality Fallacy



If Humans are Innately Moral it is because we exerted a Religious influence on ourselves to become Moral and that Neural Myelination was passed on down to us through Epigenetics.


Innate Morality is a Tacit Moral Equivocation.  If humans are innately moral all human morals are equal.  Cannibalism in Papua New Guinea is moral.  Human Sacrifice is moral. Muslim genocide, slavery, child rape, sex slavery, & Terrorism is moral. 

Atheism is not a Moral Authority and if it was it would be a Religion.  Atheism is Moral and Philosophical Anarchy.  There are no Atheist Morals because Atheists have nothing in common but the absence of a belief in God or the hatred of God. 

A muslim who converts to Atheism still wants Israel destroyed and is comfortable with Christian Genocide.

It is the Laws & Punishments of a Society that make us Moral.  And those can’t be agreed upon by Atheists because they have no Highest Form of the Good or God that they Reveal.  Which is why their has never been & never will be a Great Atheist Civilization.  The most secular nation is Israel with almost 50% Atheists and they’re Constitution is still is inspired by the Talmud. 




Ideological Fascism of Liberal Atheist Trolls.

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Roger Acuna ISIS Promoter.


So I while back I mentioned that Atheists were part of a global agenda to use psychological warfare to get Jews and Christians to convert to Scientism.  I mentioned that Obama was hiring behavioral psychologists to start a violent IslamoNazi revolution in the United States but also throughout the civilized world.  I mentioned that Obama was trying to influence black and Latino minorities to convert to Islam through certain subtle, nuanced, manipulations.

Well I just ran into this delightful character on twitter tonight who is posting Pro-Muslim, anti-Israel, and Nazi propaganda.

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(Semantic Fallacy) New Atheist Trolling Technique


As a linguistic philosopher I pick up on changes in communication that most other people don’t.  Within the past 3 days I have ran across this new illegitimate debate technique being used by Liberal Atheist Trolls, I don’t know yet who was the first person to use it.  I have found several different people using this technique to avoid being falsified, to avoid scrutinizing themselves or their arguments.  It is interesting the speed and readiness with which these liberal trolls pass these strategies amongst themselves.  It seems to escape their notice that this strategy is dishonest and irrational.  But rest assured the people that they enable, Muslims, will pick up this strategy and start using it.  Some people pick up the strategy unconsciously from their environment. Libtards smirk to themselves as the quality of conversation and relationship is attenuated by people repeating these douchey patterns and society crumbles for lack of proper communication, understanding, agreement, and participation.  Anything to feed their egos, grasping at any sense of victory.  Never mind that it is easier to destroy than to create, or that it is easier to do evil than to do good and succeed.

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Extraordinary Claim Fallacy


I have found when studying troll behavior online they will argue for vagueness strategically not only to passive aggressively frustrate the speaker but also to characterize the person to others in the conversation or telegraph to anybody they might be trolling with to respond in kind. Arguing for vagueness is often used as a preliminary positioning & bating strategy that segues into using the Moving the Goalpost fallacy with oneself as a goal, in the form of operating tacitly on the argument, “If you haven’t proven it to me, because I refuse to acknowledge what you mean, you have failed to satisfy the Burden of proof.”

You, the individual atheist, are not the scientific community.  You do not know all science.  Because you don’t know something doesn’t mean it isn’t known & is not a fact.  Rational people are curious & want to know if they are wrong, when they are wrong.  Scientific people falsify themselves & admit when they are wrong.  Furthermore, DESCRIBING What an individual believes is not an Extraordinary Claim because they are not arguing for what the Scientific Community must believe.  Lastly, Science doesn’t have the Authority to dictate to individuals what they must believe because that isn’t how Science works.  It is not a Religion.

Moving the goalposts (or shifting the goalposts) is a metaphor, derived from association football or other games, that means to change the criterion (goal) of a process or competition while still in progress, in such a way that the new goal offers one side an intentional advantage or disadvantage.[1]


Christopher Hitchens Falsified Again….


The metaphor that was used goes back to Ancient Egypt and the divine right to rule.  The Metaphor was the Sheep being contrasted with the Goats.  It was a metaphor passed on through Jesus because he was a member of the Math Cults created by Pythagoras, who studied in Egypt.  In order to be a Carpenter he had to be familiar with Geometry, from the perspective of the Pythagoreans every mathematical formula was a name of God.  Much like the Jews every child had to be taught a trade, defined as a skill that one could use anywhere in the world to be gainfully employed, carpentry would have been just such a skill.

Those who recognize the Authority of Reason are the Sheep and they get the Shepherds Crook as they are gently persuaded by Reason.  Those who can’t be persuaded by reason are the Goats and they get the Flail or the Whip.  They only recognize the Authority of Violence or Coercive Authority.  The Berbers of Northern Africa, for example, couldn’t be persuaded to join Rome or Carthage, they could be converted to Islam however through physical Violence.  Once converted the Berber Muslim leader Ibn Tumrt started a violent revolution in which the Berber Muslims (Barbarian, Barbary Coast Pirates) killed off all of the Muslim artists and intellectuals.

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