Atheist Logic Fail


Since my comment was so rudely deleted…

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My comment which was deleted, was as follows to the best of my recollection.

We do have an inborn moral sense and that inborn moral sense is based on Neural Myelination passed on through cellular memory.  Now they have already found cellular memory in animals, a sheep dog that has never shepherded sheep is put with sheep and with little to know coaching he is moving them about like a pro within 30 minutes having awoken his cellular memory.

The way I word this is repeated thoughts and actions creates Neural Myelination which is passed on to future generations in the form of cellular memory.  When I first came up with this concept my Organic Computer Theory on which my psychological models are based on, it had not yet been proven to exist in humans but experiments suggested it.

Many of you don’t know that Noam Chomsky…

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Author: Joxua Luxor

Known by his online handle Shivah Solomon, he paints as Joxua Mourningstar, he teaches Martial Tai Chi as Master Ten Ton Tiger, writing on occult mysteries he is known as Rabbi Ba'al Shiva, he writes philosophical fiction as Shivastus Solomonicus, and he does comedy as Adam Wolfe.

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