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Boteach V Dawkins – a commentary

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(The previous blog details the open letters that Dawkins and Boteach have sent each other – this is more my comment on it)

Richard DawkinsThe 1996 debate at Oxford University with four participants, with Dawkins on one side and Boteach on the other “Do we need God to be good?” is available on Youtube. And a friend of mine was there at the debate. Dawkins has admitted that he does not remember the debate, but that such evidence would show that it took place and that he only forgot about Boteach being other than a chairperson.

But as Dawkins remarks:

But my point is, WHO CARES? What does it matter? It is no big deal exactly how many times you were chairman and how many times you were a debater. It is no big deal whether a debate took place in St Catherine’s at all.

Dawkins says at the end:


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