Atheist Logic Fail


Science is interesting


Science is interesting

what is so fascinating is that I am trolling Atheists who quote Dawkins as saying this. I am proving that they are taking things out of context, now this idiot over here is framing me as the cause of the bad when I am merely responding to what atheists themselves are doing. Do these people not have any intellectual honesty?



Author: Joxua Luxor

Known by his online handle Shivah Solomon, he paints as Joxua Mourningstar, he teaches Martial Tai Chi as Master Ten Ton Tiger, writing on occult mysteries he is known as Rabbi Ba'al Shiva, he writes philosophical fiction as Shivastus Solomonicus, and he does comedy as Adam Wolfe.

2 thoughts on “Science is interesting

  1. In other words, although you do take things out of context, you can show that atheists do it about a second hand joke, which is horribly intellectually dishonest, making your intellectually dishonest snips validated.

    You don’t think things through much, do you?

    • use of strategic behavior validates the use of strategic behavior, if you atheists were doing a better job of kicking your own asses and keeping your people in line, I wouldn’t have to. But good job suffering vicarious butthurt as I humiliate and ridicule your ilk. 3:})
      I am not the cause of the problem, I am merely pointing out the problem.

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