Atheist Logic Fail



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Lynn:  You recently attracted a lot of attention from the anti theists, lol.  One of their criticisms was that you didn’t offer any studies to prove your assertion that 50% of online anti theists are actually teenage boys pretending to be older than they are.  How do you respond to that? 

Joxua:  Well, anti theism is a relatively recent phenomenon as is Internet trolling, hell even the Internet is new.  Their have been no studies to determine how many of them are misrepresenting their age and how would one scientifically go about getting accurate information from people that are strategically misrepresenting themselves in the first place?  If you read the article closely I didn’t say it was a scientific fact that they are doing it, I said  “in my personal experience” and i am somewhat of an authority on my personal experience. 

Lynn:  What tipped you off that they were children? 

Joxua:  There are several reasons.  As you know I do psycho linguistics and I have created a lot of my own techniques one of which is perspective switching which is based on hidden subjects and a presupposed perspective from which the narrative would be valid.  They use certain recurring logical fallacies that are used by youths that are to young to realize the criticism is weak or invalid.  They look for a punctuation error or a misspelling and they throw out the entire content of the article.  The only place where that perspective is valid is grade school where you are graded for punctuation and not content, where you can get a failing grade because you forgot to sign your name or lose 50% of your score.  They are forcing the frame that they are the teacher and you are the student, which means they are either inducing from a recent experience or they haven’t mentally developed or been to college to realize that the argument is only valid in grade school.  They use other childish behaviors as well such as mocking, ridiculing, and sarcasm because they are not able to evaluate the material. 

Lynn:  Wow, that is exactly what I have noticed as well.  When they pick out one portion that they disagree with or dislike ad throw out the entire content, what is happening in that scenario?  how do you respond to that? 

Joxua:  Oh, yeah, I have seen that.  The are operating on a dynamic tautology of two logical fallacies so it is difficult to confront and sometimes figure out what they are doing for most people.  I call it fallacy stacking, we should probably remember to define that term.  This fallacy is a combination of appeal to authority fallacy where they presuppose their own authority, which they fail to demonstrate by supporting their assertions, and they are moving the goal with a tautology of “you can’t prove it to me” which is actually a tautology of “my mind is closed on the subject and i will not accept any argument.”  

Lynn:  You are so descriptive of what is going on it is amazing how much clarity you bring to the subject.  In closing is there anything you wish to add?

Joxua:  There is another rubric that i like to use in my psycholinguistic deconstruction, I call it the criticism/concession dichotomy.  Part of validity is being impartial and unemotional, what you find is that these children are only looking for the argument to be wrong, they do not acknowledge when an interesting or valid point is made, which means they are biased, arbitrary, and invalid. 

Lynn:  Ty, Joxua, that was epic. 

Joxua:  You’re Welcome



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