Atheist Logic Fail





When people use the word delusion nowadays they use it to refer to being in relationship with reality as it is a factoidal scientific world but isn’t it also non-delusional to be in relationship with people as they are and with one’s experience of life as it is.  If you listen to people arguing they are trying to demonstrate a closer proximity to whatever reality they are in relationship with.   When a person argues for moral authority, another for correct facts, another takes a linguistic approach but still another argues from a philosophical perspective.  They’re each in relationship with a different reality or they are in relationship with the same object or event through a different reality.
In Shared State Theory of Communication (SSTC) there are three relationships that need to be regulated:
1.       One’s relationship with the world,
2.       One’s relationship with others and
3.       One’s relationship with one’s self.
Anti-theist argue that only the world exists and only facts exist and they exclude other people’s experiential data while presupposing  their own and not being aware that it influences their perception of reality and their behavior.
When anti-theists debate me they’re not in relationship with me as I am or my arguments as they are.  They’re in relationship with the factoidal data that has indoctrinated them into the external authority of science.  They conflate me and all religious people with fundamentalist Christians and fundamentalist Muslims.  They do not converse rationally or Socratically.  It’s as though they think science gives them the ability to read my mind.  They try to falsify my arguments by misunderstanding them and when I prove them wrong they do not admit that I prove them wrong because they are operating tacitly on a slippery slope argument.  They can’t allow any victory or perceived victory in any way, shape or form.
It is as though they are afraid it will snowball.  An anti-theist doesn’t think that God exists and doesn’t give it a second thought and an anti-theist is not content with their own personal freedom from religion.  They want religiosity in any form to cease to exist on earth.  This is a psychotic mentality.  It’s a puritanical mentality.  It’s a obsessively compulsive mentality and as such it is not aware of the law of diminished returns but the anti-theist fails to correctly understand what religiosity is.  It is an experiential language, thought tools for describing an internal landscape and forces.
Conscience means with science but anti-theists seem often times not to have a conscience.  I have repeatedly challenged anti-theist to make a positive rational assertion as to why human beings should have inalienable rights using only science and evolution and not a single anti-theist has been able to accept the challenge.
So obviously the definition of science has changed in recent history.  Science by its very nature is analytical and not emotional while science may not be emotional scientists have emotions and you could only account for those emotions if you are aware of them.  Anti-theism starts with an emotional morbidity towards religion.  In Equity in Human Relationship Communication (EIHRC) and Shared State Theory of Communication (SSTOC) we use bias disclosure.  If you are emotionally morbid about a topic and you can’t control yourself when it comes to that topic you practice transparency and you disclose your bias which also means you can’t speak as an authority on the subject.
Anti-theists conceal their emotional morbidity to appear rational so that they can speak as an authority on the subject which is a lie because it’s a misrepresentation of their position on the subject.  Anti-theists also encourage overt hostility towards religiosity as though it were a virtue.
Non-delusion means being in relationship with everything that is there in the proportions that they are there without distortion, exaggeration, conflation, deletion, re-arrangement, or misunderstanding.  Emotionality warps our perception of reality and yet it is through these errors that they seek to falsify all forms of religiosity or spirituality. 
There are certain things that science can do and there are things that science cannot do.  Ricky Gervais “Science likes you, science is your friend”
This is an emotional appeal which is a logical fallacy and it is anthropo-morphization , which is how some people say god came into existence in the first place.
Noam Chomsky said that all human beings naturally anthropomorphize before we judge this as good or bad we should figure out why we do it.
When you try to expand the authority of science without understanding why it has the envelope of application that it does you change the nature of science.  Anti-theists have not scrutinized what religion is and they haven’t specified what religious processes are.  So they proselytize it.  They evangelize it.  They expand its authority so they have a sense of victory, making it do something it was never meant to do, turning it into a religion, and thus defeating themselves in their own endevour while turning science into a religion.
Nowhere does delusion become more obvious than the predictive art of science, which in a way is also the prescriptive in order to predict and prescribe you need to have an understanding of reality that is correct with prediction and to a lesser extent prescription you need to visualize a sequence of events and crate a solution and move towards the desirable future that has the most value and that requires discipline and a changing of one’s behavior.  At the age of sixteen I became obsessed with the concept of mnemonics and I practiced them and experimented with them and it changed my brain.  The biggest difference between me and the average person is that I have a longer memory, more memory and an ability to visualize with more detail.
All human beings have finite capacity which means that if we were perfectly non-delusional, if we understood the universe perfectly we would be the universe just like when Einstein said if an object could move at light speed it would approach infinite mass which means if you understood the universe perfectly you would become the universe, in my humble opinion.
“That doesn’t mean that everything is ultimately going to fall within the domain of science.  Personally I believe that many of the things we would like to understand and maybe the things we would most like to understand, such as the nature of man, or the nature of a decent society, or lots of other things, might really fall outside the scope of possible human science” Noam Chomsky from the Chomsky Foucault Debate
There are so many errors that people make when they visualize.  They overemphasize a single moment of time, time becomes infinity, a thousand years becomes a single moment, some objects and forces simply don’t exist in their visualizations.  Their conclusion is wrong, their practice is weak, their confidence is fanatical or non-existent but it is in the art of prediction that we truly see who is non-delusional.  Who is in relationship with reality and who gets results in the world?
By Joxua MourningStar


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