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Parents as Gestalt Models for Gods

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If you think about how children grow up, starting in the womb, vaguely being able to hear their parents voices, Daddy’s voice being lower and less comforting, Mommies voice being more soothing and more present, on an unconscious and sub-conscious level we imprint on our parents as god-like forces and we automatically think that is the way the universe works.  There is an incorrect conceit in the Atheist community that children are born as blank slates, this is the Skinnerian, Behaviorist, model that was falsified by Noam Chomsky, his model has been proved correct repeatedly.  Not to mention Anthropomorphism is a cultural universal.  (

As the child grows they become partial usually to whichever parent is more enabling, this means whichever parent protects their issues and gives them the most things they want.  This is a toxic relationship in which the parents compete against one another for the affections of…

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+Joxua Luxor Surely their belief structure, much like your views make up a part of who they are. You simply cannot remove the bread from a sandwich and still call it a sandwich. You’re talking about people and their thoughts, might I remind you.

+Malak The Atheist JMan I believe that if people want to live under Sharia Law, that’s their choice, if they choose not to, again, their choice. The only time it’s right to interfere is when someone asks for help. I’m pretty sure my supporting sovereignty allows for that logic. As far as education goes homey, lol feel free to think whatever you like there. Often I find the people quickest to call you on stupidity are experts in the field.

As far as buying into their religion as peaceful, I don’t have to. I believe in humanity enough and see enough evidence to suggest that socially, we strive for the least chaotic point. That point can be called peace. Religion doesn’t have to be peaceful, as humans natural state is a peaceful one (consider how much of your day you spend peacefully). It’s order (peace) from chaos (individual thought). We are still transitioning socially as we only recently really connected with the rest of the world. Give it time. This is a natural process due to the fact that only an individual can change their own mind. You simply can’t induce it artificially by telling people what they aren’t allowed to think.

Joxua Luxor

Oct 19, 2014
+Dr. Dick Solomon right, their right to take away everybody else’s rights.  They claim to be a persecuted minority everywhere in the civilized world and persecute all monorities wherever they are dominant, you are sadly, malignantly, ignorantly, mis-informed.

SPLC lawyers used this legal strategy to hold the Klan accountable for the acts of its members. In 1981, Dees successfully sued the Ku Klux Klan and won a $7 million judgment for the mother of Michael Donald, a black lynching victim in Alabama.[8][9] Payment of the judgment bankrupted the United Klans of America and resulted in its national headquarters being sold to help satisfy the judgment. All funds secured in this manner were paid to the family of the deceased.”


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Scientists almost prevented a new science from being discovered, (smh)


“Academic psychology took some pride in how scientific experiments had exposed as a myth the layman’s belief that he could read emotion or personality from the face or body.  Those few social scientists or therapists who continued to write about body movement were regarded, like those who were interested in ESP and graphology, as naive, tender-minded, or charlatans.”

~Paul Eckman TELLING LIES, the Psychologist Who created the science of micro-expressions.


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